Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Can You Give?

Through college, early post college, and even during our 'trying to live responsibly during law school' years I've found it challenging to find time and/or money to give to worthy causes. We've done our best to make church tithing a priority through it all, but beyond that it can be hard to find two spare nickels to give!

There are two things I've found that absolutely anyone can do, or at least try.

1. Donations of goods. I used to make runs to Goodwill on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes it would be just one bag of clothes, other times it would be four or five. Usually this would happen after a cleaning-spree when I'd decided that I didn't need half of the 'stuff' in our home.

More recently, Tina and I have begun a tradition of a twice-annual clothes swap and donation party. We've had two so far, and our third is scheduled for October 9th. The format is friendly and usually involves food, drinks, and a fun mix of friends. (consider this an invite)

By having our clothes swaps in April and October, we catch everyone during the time they are switching their summer and winter wardrobes out - a perfect time to get rid of things you didn't wear! The donation part comes after the party; once all of the clothes have been picked over, they are sorted and taken to Goodwill by one of the hostesses! It is a great motivator to clean out your closet, get some new-to-you (and free) clothes and accessories, and then have everything carried off to a donation center for you.

2. Give Blood. I'm O negative, also called a 'Universal Donor' meaning anyone with any blood type can be given my blood, so I've long felt a responsibility to donate as often as possible. During college, it was a way for me to give while on a shoestring budget! It takes almost no time, and once you are on a schedule it becomes a routine part of your life.

I'm not currently giving blood because of the pregnancy thing, but I plan to start back up again as soon as it is safe for me to do so.

I really encourage you to consider adding blood donation to your 'giving' plans. It is something that is of great need at all times, not just following major disasters.

What can you give?

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  1. Sorry, little mix up. Is it ok for me to say: You make me proud Angel Girl? What an incredible young woman you have become. I love you!