Monday, August 24, 2009

"Prepare to be underwhelmed"

That is what Frank said to me as we drove to Plymouth Rock on Friday. While he was right about the rock itself, the area was very cute and we had a great time with my in-laws!

No one in the Carolinas ever told me that people took pieces of the actual "Plymouth Rock" home as souvenirs in the 1800's, but that is the story and now the rock is approximately 1/3rd the size that it was when the pilgrims landed on it in 1620.

I took multiple pictures, the one up top is of the entire rock from 10 feet above; and the picture below shows part of the numbers and a penny, for scale.

The park ranger stationed at Plymouth Rock really knew his stuff; I came away assured that the pilgrims really did 'land' on the rock. It seems that the beach was entirely bare and the large boulder was the only thing on it, so they used Plymouth Rock as a natural dock of sorts and stepped out onto it from the smaller boats used to ferry people and supplies to/from the Mayflower.

He also told us that on the actual voyage across the ocean only one person died - but one person was also born! So when the Mayflower got to America it had the same number of passengers as when it left England - half of them died in the three months it took for winter to pass once they were anchored off of the Massachusetts coast, which really furthers my theory that they would have been better off somewhere in the Carolinas...but that is just my opinion...

There were gift shops, too. They reminded me of the Hammock Shops in Pawleys Island (especially the part where I bought too much fudge). Frank like the hats, and even got Chuck in on the hat action!

The Mayflower II is docked at Plymouth Rock; it is a replica of the original Mayflower and was sailed from Plymouth, England to Plymouth Rock, MA in the 1950's by a crew of 30 or 40 men. The coolest/craziest part is that they used only wind power and did everything as the pilgrims would have done it in the 1620's (the only exceptions being a few minor 'safety' features required by international maritime rules). We got to go aboard and it was as legit as can be! It even smelled like 40 dirty men had just been there!! Here's to historical accuracy.

The cannons on board and presence of lots of pirate stuff in the gift shops really got my attention - as Frank will tell you, I LOVE pirates, mostly Jack Sparrow. It took some restraint to not buy a bag of 'pirate gold,' but it seems that I have come to view gift shops as being full of "stuff I'll throw away in 2 years anyway." I am already beginning to worry about the angst my future children will cause me when they buy "stuff" - ugh! (sorry mom, sorry for all of the 'stuff!')

I would have bought this, if I had a boat and a pirate problem - or better yet, if I had a boat and I were a pirate!

We wrapped up the afternoon with D'Angelo's so that Frank could have his lobster roll, then we settled in for the Yankees @ Red Sox game back at Casa Webb. While the Red Sox took a terrible beating, we had a great time hanging out with my in-laws and, of course, Quincy (the wire-haired jack russell mix, of whom I somehow took no pictures) (we're best friends though, so I'll take pictures next time)

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