Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Travels to South Carolina

Frank, Hamilton and I went to South Carolina this past weekend for my friend Carina's wedding. She and Jeff were married in York, SC so we got to stay with my parents and brothers in Spartanburg for the weekend! While it was really fun to see my parents and brothers, I think the happiest union (other than Carina & Jeff) was between Hamilton and Barnabas.

Here are the puppies playing at my parents' church in the *mostly* fenced in back yard. Hamilton is only 9 months old and Barnabas is 4 and 1/2, so there came a time when Barnabas had had enough but H kept on going until we put him in the car to drive back to Northern Virginia.

The wedding was beautiful, a lovely ceremony at a Presbyterian Church followed by an outdoor reception just down the road. It was fun to see Carina, and Carmen and Mary Kate were there, too - all three are 'little sisters' of mine from college.

We'll close with a picture of my brothers and husband at the Greenville Drive baseball game; the look on their faces is caused by the comment Frank made, "pastrami on white!"

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  1. Love it...love it. cannot wait to follow all the excitment.