Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yankees 1, Red Sox 14

Last Saturday, after hanging around Boston all day we headed down to Yawkey Way to see the Red Sox play the Yankees.

This was my first official game at Fenway. We came to tour Fenway a couple years ago, but when we got there there was a game going on - it was the "Futures at Fenway" game, a double-header of minor league Red Sox affiliates. So instead of a tour, we bought tickets for $5 and sat in right/center field for a few innings. This was different, this was Red Sox v Yankees, and it was awesome!

The game started at 4:10pm, which made it a hot one for those of us in the outfield seats. The infield was in the shade for the entire game...the sun set on us around the end of the 8th inning, and even then it was only behind the park, not entirely down. I wore sunscreen, and even reapplied a bit somewhere in the 4th inning.

When Frank bought the tickets he bought 6 seats and parking - that was the way to get the best seats at the most reasonable price. So we set out on a mission to sell the other four seats. The day of the game we sold two seats to a nice couple that we arranged to meet in Boston Common, we sold the parking to a guy about to pull into a garage further away from the park, and the other two tickets...well, we sold them to these yahoos:

Jenny Orr and Megan Ratley! Jenny works at Salem Academy now, but I've known her since the mid/late 90's as she was the intern with my church's youth program back in the day. Megan graduated from Salem a year after me, and also works at the Academy now. These crazy girls bought tickets from us, booked air fare, found a hotel and flew up to Boston on 2 days notice! They even bought Yankee-hater shirts just for the occasion!

It was a successful day and a winning game for the Red Sox - lucky for us, too since they dropped the other two games to the Yankees that weekend.

It was an exciting game full of high-fives and new friends in the seats around us. And it was worth all of the heat when the last out came and "Dirty Water" blasted over the speakers, followed by a very current version of "Tessie."

And for a little more perspective, this is where we sat. We had our share of the Dunks that weekend, too. Somehow it is imperative to go to DD when in Massachusetts even though there is one across the street from us here in Alexandria.

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  1. Wow! Jenny Orr! How in the world is she and how did she end up at Salem Academy?? Small small world. I hope you told her hello for us, even tho' she was wearing that tacky tee shirt. You should make sure Papa is reading your blog!