Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Trying to think of things to tell you. Here is what I've got:

-Frank has a cold. This is rare and unfortunate. He never gets sick, and he fights it off with everything he can think of. Hopefully it won't stay long and the beach air this weekend will kill it off by Friday evening.

- R is having his operation today. That means he'll be one sleepy/groggy puppy for a couple of days, which is fine with me. He'll also get chicken and rice for dinner for the first time in his little life. I'm hoping he'll forgive us, or at least forget about the surgery when he realizes his culinary fortune.

- I'm on a 'summer schedule' at work, which means I arrive at 8 and leave at 4. The arriving at 8 part stinks, but the leaving at 4 is pretty awesome. This continues until next week, then I go back to 9-5.

- I'm not playing fantasy football this year. I don't feel like being the commissioner and no one else volunteered to step up, so we're just not doing it. I'm ok with this, I think I need a break.

I think that is all for now. Have a happy Tuesday!

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