Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

I thought we were going to have a nice quiet weekend, and instead we had a nice very busy weekend!

Friday night was 'Mom's night out' so I went to see The Lion King in 3D with some friends. It was super fun, and I ate too much popcorn, which is pretty typical of my movie-going experience. We kept it simple due to a few factors: 1. we're old and were all pretty tired 2. one of us had a fresh injury to a knee ligament and was therefore in pain and confined to crutches 3. we're old and were all pretty tired.

Saturday started with a bang! I got up at the usual 7am, and once Little Man had his breakfast I shot out the door to a HUGE consignment sale in Alexandria. I had no idea what I was getting into, but next time I'll come prepared with bags and sharpened boxing out skills. I did guess correctly though and left both the husband and the baby at home - there was not place for them there. The husbands that were in attendence were bag holders, and they didn't look happy about it.

I scored some great stuff for Little Man, I think mostly for his birthday.

Saturday afternoon was spent doing laundry and watching football, the usual routine. But, as I was folding laundry and Frank was preparing dinner and getting ready to go have his "Dad's night out" we got a phone call that totally changed my plans! My friend and her daughter are in town (for 6 weeks) and they were surviving their jet lag enough for me and Little Man to head over and say hi! We, well I, was super excited and immediately threw everything else to the side and packed up LM to head out the door.

This friend is super awesome, and since they moved to Cameroon 6 months ago I have missed her SO much. They also happened to move about 12 hours before LM was born, so they had never met. I got to spend a little over an hour with her that evening and it was great! I'm so excited to have them back for a while!

Sunday was sooo busy - church, brunch, football, diaper laundry, Honey Pig, and more football. That is a full 12 hours right there! A last minute trip to Honey Pig (korean bbq) was planned over football, and a sweet friend offered to hang out with LM so that Frank and I could both go! We paid her in free laundry, so everyone won!

Needless to say, all of us are a little sleepy today but I think it was worth it.