Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Little Man has a friend, we'll call him JR. They are only a couple of months apart in age, so as they grow the gap will shrink and I can't wait!

They are going to be so much fun together.

Lucky for us, we adore his parents and are looking forward to many years of play dates, sporting events, and general little boy mischief!


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  2. Sorry. Accidentally referred to little man by name and did not catch in time. LOVE the pics and tickled to see to whom JR belongs! Makes me think of you and Scott...he had you by a good 3 months, but the time difference shrank almost immediately. So glad too that JR's family has no plans to move away...I just learned Little Man's cousin George is moving away before too long. I'm sad cuz I hoped they could have some play dates too...Thanks for posting. Both boys are just precious!

  3. My captions for the photos: first one, Little Man is saying, is anyone else aware JR has grabbed my ear? second one: JR is saying: This is GREAT! Someone close to my size! And last one: Little man is saying, oh yeah. We'll get into mischief all right! Can't wait!