Thursday, March 25, 2010

As the Garden Grows

I have two window boxes that made the trip from the old place to our new place. One of them is full of dead plants and is sitting on the wall by our driveway...the other one is full of beautiful plants (tulips? crocuses?) that are beginning to bloom like crazy!

I also have some new seeds to plant - the favors from Mary Eileen's shower last weekend. I need to get my hands on some new potting soil and give my dead plants the 'heave ho' and get these new seeds in the dirt.

I'm crossing my fingers that we'll make a Home Depot trip this weekend that will end in me having some new gardening gloves, some dirt, and maybe even a trowel!

I also have new drama in my "garden" - something is digging in my plants. Frank thinks it is Hamilton, but it looks like a rodent did it to me. My expertise in this field can be credited to my experience with MC Hamster when I was a child.

You see, MC Hamster was my pet hamster (bet you didn't see that coming) and he had a penchant for escaping from his cage. The good thing was that MC's desire to escape never lead him outside of the screened in porch where he lived, it just led him to escape from his cage, despite the bricks on top, and then scurry into one of the potted plants. He would dig a little hole in the dirt and tunnel down to the roots of the plant.

There he would lay in wait for my mom to realize he had escaped and then shine a flashlight into all of the holes (there were a lot) until she would shine the light into a hole and see a wiggling pink nose at the bottom.

This is why I think there is a rodent in my plants. The hole is similar to the ones I remember seeing after MC's escapes. Also, my dog has HUGE monster paws and I think that if he were to dig in my "garden" my "garden" would no longer exist.

See what I mean?

Two swipes from those suckers and my "garden" is gone!

So, I now have a new mission in life (besides finishing painting, finishing curtains, and getting around to gardening) - and that is to find out what is digging in my plants! And to have Frank dispose of it.

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