Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Boy and His Dog

We've been going on a few family walks lately, what with the weather starting to cool down below "surface of the sun" and all. The BOB stroller has been a huge hit with everyone, and it gives us a chance to get Little Man out for some fresh air.

Little Man has also decided that Hamilton is the most interesting, and hilarious thing he has ever seen! When we go for walks he just stares at Hamilton the entire time. When we are at home, LM will start to smile and laugh any time that Hamilton gets close enough. It is so fun to watch them interact!

We're still a ways away from them having a two-way relationship (Hamilton is not nearly as fond of LM at the moment), but it is fun to look ahead to how their dynamic will shift and change over the coming years.

For now, just getting them both in the picture is still a challenge!

1 comment:

  1. Someone still looks SO little in the Bob! Happy you have finally been able to take him out and about and that he is finding joy in Hamilton. Hopefully, that will eventually be returned, as you suggested! Great pics. Surely wish I could have done that while I was there...but I think all 3 of us would have melted down into the sidewalk. xoxo