Monday, December 7, 2009

Guilt Free Blogging

I get on such a roll with this blog, and then something 'real life' happens and I fall off. Right now it is the one last stinking paper that is in the process of being written. The good news is that said paper is due on Thursday and I also have to present the paper that evening.

So, once that blankity-blank paper is finished I can be back to guilt free blogging - you know, where I can blog without thinking, knowing that there is something more pressing i should be doing. I'm sure I'll continue to put off things like laundry or dog walking for blogging, but neither of those things will 'fail' you if you are late so they aren't in the same category as a grad school paper.

After this weekend I can tell you about all of the cool things that are stacking up in life: we're moving (staying in NoVa), a beach trip, Christmas stuff, Terra Cotta Warriors, etc etc etc.

But for now, blogging is still full of guilt so I'm going to go take my dog outside and then get back to work on my paper.

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