Thursday, December 17, 2009

Top Chef Outrage

Frank watches Top Chef, which means I also watch Top Chef. We have completely different experiences watching the show: Frank enjoys the cooking/food part of it, and I spend my time deciding which contestants I love and which ones I can't stand.

The season just ended and of the three finalists I loved two and couldn't stand one...guess which one won. The one I don't like. He is the younger brother of one of the other finalists and he has a HUGE chip on his shoulder about life. What a punk.

I told Frank that if he won over the other two guys (who were two of my very favorites from this season) I would never watch the show again! This is most likely untrue, but I may stick to my guns for at least the beginning of the next season.

I understand that the competition is week to week, but I really think the final round should be cumulative. I mean, really. This season's winner is such a jerk in the kitchen, he is a real Eddie Haskell if you ask me.

Now we're watching the reunion show (DVR'd, we never watch live TV) and I still think that the wrong guy won.

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