Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The D word

I'm officially on a diet - blech. Tina and I decided that we both need to shed some weight and we've chosen the Crosby/Dziok wedding date as the finish line. That means I have 24 days to lose at least 8 lbs.

Honestly, it shouldn't be too difficult. Change my snack habits, eat more veggies and less empty carbs, and make use of the gym in my office building. I tried to give up diet coke but only made it for about 13 hours before the caffeine headache kicked in and I caved. Though my supportive husband was quick to point out that Diet Coke has zero calories, so I don't feel awful about it!

Yesterday was day 1 and I managed to choke down about 6 oz of V8 for breakfast (gross, never doing that again), eat an awful Health Choice lunch (disgusting), hit the gym for a solid 45 minutes midday, and then have a piece of grilled chicken over fresh lettuce and veggies for dinner (thanks, Frank!). Add in a diet coke with dinner, a handful of grape nuts for a snack, and a little bit of mint oreo custard (it was from the Dairy Godmother - don't judge me!) and that is how my first day went.

I'm staying strong so far today, drinking more water and planning to hit the gym after a lunch of leftover dinner.

My plan involves continuing to work out 3 times a week once I've lost my goal weight. I don't think that will be over kill since my work outs are restricted in length due to their occurrance over my lunch break.

I'd say my weekends will involve exercise too, but my basset doesn't really hit speeds above "stroll" all that often....

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