Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I always have a desire to come up with an awesome Halloween costume but I never give myself the time to put it together. Last year Frank and I were Peter and Lois Griffin; easy to do since Frank already owned a white shirt and green pants, and I had khakis and found a teal shirt and purple shoes at target. But now that has been done (and I does bother me that Lois has red hair and I don't) and Halloween is upon us again.

We're going to a party on the 30th and I really want to be something good! I get really hung up on hair color so I won't usually agree to anything where I'm supposed to be a blonde or redhead. I have time to make my costume if I get started this weekend

Any ideas?

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  1. You could be Lucy and Charlie Brown or Barnie and Betty Rubbles! Just trying to help you with the Dark hair know me that would bother me too!

    Hope you are doing well!