Thursday, October 8, 2009

No more summaries

I am so over school. Sometimes friends tell me how much they enjoy going back to school after having so many years off working in the real world...not me. I've decided that school is not for me.

In college I thought my attitude was to blame for my occasional lethargic behavior when it came to paper writing and book reading, but since I'm still dealing with it now I've decided it is a different problem. The teachers. Not them personally, and there are always exceptions, but for the most part the teachers are not engaging.

We're in WASHINGTON studying POLITICAL SCIENCE and yet they find ways to be dull. I'm tired of studying other people's theories, why not challenge us to create our own? Start a policy argument. Make an outrageous statement and select teams to defend and attack it. DO SOMETHING INTERESTING!!

The semester is halfway over and I'm glad. Hopefully I'll be finished forever and never have to write another 'weekly reading summary' as long as I live.

We need more interesting teachers, especially at the graduate level - this is nuts!

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