Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Everyone has them and the vary in difficulty, importance, chances of happening, etc.

Currently I have lots of goals:
1. lose 8 lbs, hopefully in time for the Crosby/Dziok wedding (18 days!)
2. win my fantasy football league - that is $220 on the line
3. finish my midterm, it is due tomorrow and it will happen the question is will it happen without a 4am writing session...
4. keep up with this blog, and maybe find something worth reading for y'all
5. finish my halloween costume in time for this year's halloween
6. start and finish another halloween costume in time for my class on Oct 28th so I can win the contest and get an extra week to work on my term paper
7. be a better wife (not that I'm a bad wife, I just want to always be striving to be a better one)
8. learn to cook, I'm not in a rush on this one...something to do with my awesome husband being a great cook
9. be a fun/good/disciplined/nurturing mom some day, also not in a rush on this one. May come into being around the same time I decide to learn to cook.
10. organize a DC Metro area Salem Alumni group
11. become more involved with Salem College
12. find a way to create/encourage/sell more Salem College paraphernalia from the college book store

and finally, 13. get to my 12:30 lunch on time today - which means I'm off and running! (**update: I made it on time**)


  1. There are TONS of DC alums and I know Karla Gort would love for you to get them all together! I know of four C'04 off of the top of my head right now.

  2. Heard a good quote in Sunday School from District 7 current super.: "My kids always believed if you left things to the last minute, it would only take a minute to do!"