Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hospital Adventures

Friday morning I got a call at 8:30am from Tina. She was in the ER at Virginia Hospital Center and had been diagnosed with appendicitis.

Frank and I jumped out of bed and headed over right away - 14 hours later I came back home to go to sleep so that I could get back up in the morning and go get Tina from the hospital.

The entire time at the hospital the staff was friendly, responsive, informative, and helpful. While it felt like a really long day, I think it is pretty awesome that they were able to get her into surgery from the ER for an appendectomy about 13 hours after she first arrived. The hospital was full which is why it took that many hours - they had to find a place to put her post-op before they could take her to the OR.

I'm so grateful for that hospital - I've been there for both of my operations and all of my doctors are connected to that system.

Tina is recovering at home and is doing really well. Appendectomies are now done laproscopicly so she just has three small incisions instead of the old-school style appy scar.

And most importantly, we'll now have matching bellybutton scars!

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