Monday, October 19, 2009

Every Monday

I stay up too late to watch the Monday Night Football game - and it is driving me nuts! I should have gone to bed an hour ago, but I have to sit here and wait and hope that stupid Vincent Jackson does not get more than 4 more points tonight so that I can win in my fantasy league!

It is driving me crazy, it seems that every week I either have someone playing in the Monday night game or I am up against someone in the Monday night game.

I hope that next week I've either already won or already lost by the end of the Sunday night game. I love love LOVE football, but I can't keep staying up this late (this stressed out) every Monday!!

On a happier note I got a lot of work done on my Halloween costume tonight at the church. The next step involves installing the zipper - which is something I've never done before. Hopefully I can figure it out so that I can be finished with my Dorothy dress before next week's sewing class/gathering.

I have a second costume to create for my Legislative Politics class - I don't really want to do it, but it can lead to homework passes or extra time on the term paper so it is at least worth a good effort. I have a great idea for my costume (it has to relate to Legislative Politics) but I'm not going to advertise what it is until after the class.

ok, back to trying to not bite my nails through the last 8 minutes of this game - RUN OUT THE CLOCK DENVER!

**Update - I hung on to win by 2, I'm 6-0 on the season and still holding onto first place!**


  1. Imagine how rough it is in Germany, when the games don't start until 7pm. I do well to catch the 1st half of the 415 games!

  2. Re zipper: it really is easy. If you bought a zipper in a cardboard casing, the instructions are inside on the cardboard. Do exactly what it says. Should take under 10 minutes! Good luck!