Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Hamilton!

There will not be a puppy party, no cake or funny hats, either. But I did give him an extra happy greeting this morning (and whispered 'happy birthday' in his ear just after midnight last night) and will most likely give him an extra treat some time this evening.

I'm so grateful for our awesome dog. Sometimes he is a pain in the butt, he likes to be hyper at the wrong times, he jumps on people when they come over, and he slobbers on my work clothes every morning - BUT, he also makes funny old man noises, plays with his toys without our help, loves nothing more than to be by your side, and gets all warm and droopy when he's been sleeping.

My current favorite thing is when he puts himself to bed. Frank and I usually stay up pretty late and Hamilton usually curls up near one of us and just snoozes until we announce "bed time." But sometimes he just can't hang - he looks at us with the droopiest eyes you've ever seen, makes an old man noise, and heads off to his bed in the closet.

Happy Birthday, Hamilton! Thanks for joining our little family and adding a little more wiggle to our day

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  1. To Hamilton from Barnabas: Happy Birthday friend! One year old, that's big news! I'll be 5 around Dec. 14th...we orphans are never sure you know, that's why we celebrate Adoption Day, Feb. 15th!! Woof, wiggles and waggles, and can't wait to play with you at Christmas. By the way, naps are great, aren't they?? See you soon, "Barn"