Monday, November 16, 2009

Rivalry Weekend

Rivalry Weekend is over. It happens when the Colts and Patriots play during the regular season.

Tonight's game was preceded by lots of "woo!"ing and also lots of team-gear-wearing. I wore 4 different Colts shirts over a three day span, Frank wore 2 Pats shirts...I guess that is why they lost...

The good news is that the Colts won. The bad news is that it was an ugly game. The Colts came back in the last few minutes of the game, and were helped by a poorly called 4th down play by the Pats (that also should have been challenged, so that is 2 bad ideas from the "genius" in one play) that gave the Colts the ball on the Pats' 30 yard line with over a minute left on the clock.

They carry on with their undefeated season but still face some tough teams, and I hope that Caldwell feels that keeping his starters healthy and rested for the playoffs is much more important that an undefeated regular season.

Go Colts! and hopefully the Colts and Patriots won't face off in the playoffs because I don't think I can handle the stress again this soon

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