Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ralph Wiggum 2.0

I'm sure many of you are familiar with the popular animated tv show "The Simpsons," and even with the lovable classmate of Bart's named Ralph Wiggum. Ralph has a high pitched voice and says things that usually could go without saying.

I have a particular love for little Ralph because of the nonsense he spews and because of a time in my life when my little brother and his friend would spout off Ralph's quotes at random. Some of my favorites are:

"When I grow up I want to be a teacher, or a caterpillar"

"My fingers taste like fish sticks"

"I sleep in a drawer"

Well, I have good news - there is a new Ralph Wiggum (2.0 if you will) on tv and her name is Brittany. She is a spacey cheerleader and member of the glee club on Glee. So far this season she has given us:

"Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?"

"Sometimes I forget my middle name"

"Her sweater makes her look home schooled"

"When I pulled my hamstring I went to a misogynist"

I love this character, and I hope she keeps delivering these lines!


  1. I've actually never watched Glee, but I might have to start now! I too, love Ralph! My favorite quote is, "More sugar please" as he's dressed as a pony on Christmas.