Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm Excited About: T-shirt Quilt Update Edition

Here is the long awaited update on the t-shirt quilt I'm making for Frank! I am 98% finished with the front of the quilt - I need to add the border to the top and bottom and then the front is 100% finished and I can move on to adding the back, the filling, and the quilting.

Here are all of the squares laid out on the floor from a few weeks ago. The order changed a bit in the final draft...

And here it is with the navy border and all in one piece!

It is hanging in the basement, please ignore the parts where the lines don't line up quite right. Frank says he doesn't mind, so I'm trying to just let it go.

The theme is mostly Dartmouth with a little Red Sox thrown in for good measure. There are a few other classics in there, too.

We're off to the fabric store today to find a suitable backing. Something soft and warm, but not so stretchy that I end up burning the entire project due to the endless frustration.

I'll update again when it is totally complete - hopefully before the end of May!

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  1. Looks Fabulous!! And I looked closely and didn't see any lines that didn't match up. I think it will be like putting up think one area that is just not quite right will bug you for the rest of your life, and then in a week or two, you never see it and no one else notices! You have made me proud---and a good bit guilty. I know you always wanted one of these and the scateboarding dragon (??) from California and the Advent #1 shirts are still around here somewhere. If you can gather up enough of what you originally wanted--did we ever get Moo York back? I'll try for Christmas. How about that? Or is one enough? Just let me know. You have inspired me which is not an easy task!! xoxo Mom