Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm Excited About: Outdoor Sports Edition

I used to play softball on the Mall - it was a nice weekly reminder that I live and work in the immediate vicinity of our Nation's Capital. I loved it, and I've missed it ever since I stopped playing 3 years ago.

Well, great news friends! I'll be back on the Mall in no time!

I've signed up for an Ultimate Frisbee league and I've been told that most of our matches will be on the Mall! I'll be playing for the Federal Reserve's team, thanks to a friend's husband whose team is in need of more girls. I'm pretty excited, both for the chance to play ultimate and for the chance to spend more time on the Mall.

I was also asked to play softball again, also on the Mall! I enjoy being outside so I'm hoping that the softball and ultimate nights will no coincide often - just think, two evenings outside each week! I hope I still have my 'pitching arm,' though I'm more worried about getting a pair cleats broken in for both sports - the Mall can be very dusty and lacking in grip, especially if it has been dry.

I hope I still get the "I live where?!" feeling when I head out there, it is one of the best things about living here.

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