Monday, June 28, 2010

A New Living Room!

Frank and I went furniture shopping this weekend and we decided on a new couch and a pair of chairs. The couch has been ordered and will be ready for pick up in a couple weeks. We chose the one pictured below, in "chocolate" leather. We're hoping the leather will be easier to keep clean and will hold less dander for our dog allergic friends.

And I ordered two of the chair below last night - hip hip hooray for and their $1 shipping! - so they will be here in 5-10 business days! The plan was to maintain or increase seating (check), maintain the current color scheme/no painting or new rug needed (check), and stay within the budget (double check).

I can't wait until it is all in place! I'm really glad we were able to find what we were looking for, and we'll even be able to keep some of the couch pillows that we already have. A side table for between the chairs and curtains will be the final touches for our living room, and then it will be complete!


  1. Love your choices and also 3 cheers for your loving laundry fairy! Makes me proud.

  2. I love the selections you went with! Where is the sofa from? I'm certainly in the market for a new one. I didn't know Overstock's $1 shipping applied to furniture, too! That's great.