Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome, Rutledge!

Frank and I have talked about getting a friend for Hamilton for a few months now. We knew we wanted another full-blooded basset, but we weren't ready for the financial blow that one of those brings. Then, after some crafty internet research, I found a 12 week old basset hound puppy that was currently with an animal adoption group in VA.

Adopting dogs is less pricey than buying them for a few reasons: 1. they are sold "at cost" because there isn't a breeder hoping to make a profit 2. adopting usually means a free neuter, or at least a steep discount 3. adopting usually means some of training has already begun because the dog is a little older

After meeting "Dopey" (he was the last of 7 litter mates, named for the 7 dwarfs) we did two interviews, filled out an application, passed a home inspection, and prayed that if this were the right time to add the second hound to our home that it would work out. The stipulation in my prayer was that having it "work out" didn't include us taking our new puppy to the beach with us this past weekend.

We 'passed' the interviews and home inspection, and they were happy to have us bring our new guy home after we returned from the beach! So without further delay, I'd like you to meet our newest (and final hound) addition, Mr. Rutledge Webb!

He is named after John Rutledge, the 1st and 3rd governor of South Carolina and a signer of the United States Constitution.

Hamilton seems pleased with him, though a bit confused I think. As far as I know, Hamilton has not seen a basset puppy since he himself was one. H seems much bigger now that there is a smaller version running around!

They did a lot of playing and wrestling once we went back inside, but the cutest pictures were of the two of them when they finally caved to their basset instincts.


  1. Thanks for the pics. He is very very cute. They already look like brothers....nice SC touch with the name.

  2. What a cutie! I can't wait to meet Rutledge! That's actually one of the names I was considering for my puppy if he is a boy... along with Kershaw.