Monday, June 21, 2010

World Cup Fever

In our quest to be frugal, Frank and I gave up cable back in March. It has worked out fairly well since we replaced it with Netflix and also got a digital receiver so we still get the basic ABC/NBC/CBS content. Our biggest concern was the lack of ESPN and baseball over the summer, but we've solved that problem with a combination of and the SlingBox.

And then there is the World Cup - what to do??

As I flipped channels during the first week of the World Cup, I stumbled upon a channel that I usually don't stop on - Univision - and they were carrying one of the matches! Turns out, we are getting almost every World Cup match on digital broadcast, in Spanish no less which is way better than watching it in English.

This has lead to even more World Cup Fever than we were anticipating! We knew we'd be into the Cup, watching every USA match we could, but now we're watching two or three matches per day every day! And I love it!

I hope you are following the USA, too - the big day this week is Wednesday at 9:30am. All 4 teams in our Group are playing at the same time, and it is vital that the USA beat Algeria outright and that Slovenia ties England. There are other ways for the USA to advance, but the easiest is for us to win and England to lose or tie.

So, in summary: Yay World Cup! Go USA!! and Go Slovenia!!

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  1. Your poor uneducated Mom does not get what a slingbox is or this whole digital tv thing. You'll have to educate me...happy for your bilingual fam. that the games are in Spanish. :-) Lots of World Cup Fever around here too, along with college world series of course. I think Carolina won this evening. Your dad looks lonely on the couch...wish I could morph into you from time to time! Enjoy your sports dear girl. See you soon and love to FAW whom I HOPE to see before too long! xoxoxoxo