Monday, July 5, 2010

Bedroom Update

I finally got around to updating our bedroom with the new color palate, and I absolutely love the result! Originally we had the black and white theme going, but with the move we added hardwood floors and a rug that has browns, navies, and deep reds so I began the slow process of making our bedroom fabrics match our new rug.

This is the new bedding and headboard. One benefit of changing up the bedding is that I won't go crazy over the perfectly white duvet not being perfectly white! The decision to go to a khaki was made with great joy on my part.

This is a closer look at the headboard. It is a khaki material (apolstrie fabric) with navy palm tree embroidered in rows. Had this project taken any longer, Frank was going to steal the fabric and find a way to make shorts out of it.

This picture includes the rug, which was the starting point for the new colors. Because a good rug is both very expensive and very hard to find, I decided that we would make everything revolve around the rug.

The new sheet set is navy, and to keep from there being too much neutral I ordered the bed skirt in navy. I really like that the hardwood floors keep the room from being too dark, even with the dark rug and bed skirt in the room.

I also added curtains. These were less for aesthetics and more for function. Our wonderful old house isn't very good at maintaining livable temperatures, so these lined black-out curtains should help keep the upstairs from heating up too much during the day. There are three windows, each with one panel, and each with one hook to the side for the times that we do want natural light to come in.

And to round it out, here is my lovely dresser and the door to our room.

...and a picture hiding behind the door because I don't think we'll ever be finished moving into this place.

Stay tuned for updates on the living room and basement - big changes are coming!!

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  1. Looks fantastic! I love the headboard, nice job! Did you make the curtains too??