Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm Excited About: Top Chef DC

Top Chef is back! And this season is in DC! It is fun to see the landmarks that I pass every day, and figure out which building rooftop the crew is on, and scan the crowds of guests for a familiar face. It is also fun to realize how ridiculous some of the voice overs are; "Mt Vernon, one of America's best known historical sites".... actually, I bet less than 50% of Americans would recognize Mt Vernon for what it is on sight.

I'm having trouble attaching to any particular contestants this season. While there are already a few culinary standouts, no one has shown the kind of personality that has been around in the last couple of seasons. The Las Vegas cast was just too good, I guess.

Perhaps as the season goes on and the bottom of the pack is culled, things may get more interesting. In the mean time, take a moment to remember how many good chefs have come from this metro area - Carla, Spike, Voltagio the elder, not bad for a city that no one calls home. Another side note, Spike is opening his new pizza place in July. It is next door to his "Good Stuff Eatery" on the Hill, and will be called "We the Pizza." If you like his burgers (which I do), give his pizza a shot this summer.

And, good on you DC! A Real World season and a Top Chef season, back to back - what's next? Jersey Shore: Our Nation's Capital? I would pay big money to see Snooki as a Hillturn.

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