Monday, July 26, 2010

Time for the Bar

Frank left for Roanoke, VA this morning to take the Bar.

In case you don't know where Roanoke is, let me help you. It is 4 hours away from Arlington, 3 hours from Richmond, and right next to THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. No offense to anyone who lives there, went to school there, is from there, whatever, but it is the most out of the way location that anyone could conceive of for the Bar to take place.

My theory is that some state legislator got this as a sweet deal to get a vote on something. Think about it; each July and February, Roanoke hotels get completely booked, the restaurants are packed, and on the second evening the bars rake in cash as students celebrate their freedom. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Sure, I have a Northern-Virginia-Bias, but I'm not suggesting that the testing take place in Arlington, at least not exclusively. Why not have (gasp, hang on to your seats) multiple testing sites? This is a large state, with a couple thousand people taking the Bar each time it is offered, so how about a NoVa site, a Richmond site, a Va Beach site, and even a Roanoke site? Then people wouldn't have to travel as far and you could reduce the level of stress for 85% of the test takers.

I think if i ever run for state office, this will be one of my first issues to tackle. So, sorry Roanoke, I'll be dipping into your twice-yearly golden goose but 85% of law students (and their spouses) will thank me and that is something I care about more than you.

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