Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Fixed It!

For some reason I really enjoy fixing things and/or putting things together. Whenever we buy a bookshelf or other piece of furniture from Ikea, I can't wait to put it together! Our couch even came in pieces from the distributor and I had a blast working with Frank to get it all fixed up.

I have no explanation for my love of constructing and fixing things, it is just something that is part of me.

There is a bowl in our kitchen that has a chip in it - I have saved the chip and am waiting/trying to remember to buy the right kind of glue so that I can replace it. I'll be so happy when it happens!

Yesterday, I fixed a lamp. It wasn't terribly difficult or exciting, except that in my last two attempts to fix the lamp I've blown the fuse for the entire first floor of our home. Oops. But, I tried it again last night - did a little more thinking, and was able to come up with a solution that accomplished two things: 1. I didn't not lose power on the first floor of our home when I plugged it in. 2. The light came on when I flipped the switch!

I am quite proud of myself, and rode the high of having accomplished this task for most of last night. Yay me!

Now, if any puppy of mine decides to chew on a wire again - my hope is that it will be a live wire this time and puppy will learn his lesson on his own. That is how the first one figured it out, and he doesn't seem too terribly affected by the ordeal!

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