Thursday, October 14, 2010

Need. More. Sleep.

The title of this post was actually a tweet I posted the other day, and is still true.

Last night I went to bed at 9:30pm (immediately came home from small group, went upstairs, brushed teeth, put on pjs, got in bed) and slept until almost 8am (made the morning rush to work a little more rushed, but it is raining and that slows down everything anyway). Do the math with me - 9:30pm to 8am... that is 10.5 hours of sleep.

I will say that I feel pretty rested today, but it is only 10:30am and I'm not sure how long this feeling will last. There is a good chance that my body will go into Nap Mode around 2pm, between my two lunches.

This whole 'growing another person' thing is really tiring!

I'm doing my best to get to bed on time these days. I've given up all but one tv show that I watch on a weekly basis - and it comes on at 8pm! All other shows have been relegated to Hulu when I have time.

I've always needed more sleep than the average bear, but this is a new experience all together. Before, I would just need to sleep in once a week or so to catch up on my Zzzs, but now I'm falling asleep at my desk in the afternoon, falling asleep at the end of small group, falling asleep during the 9th inning of the Braves' must win play off game! (I almost missed the end of Bobby Cox' managerial career - for those of you that know me AT ALL, you know how insane that is)

Anyway, I'm trying to roll with the new 'normal' and get the rest my body is demanding. I know it is for a great cause, so if I need to go to bed at 9pm every night so be it.

I just hope this kid I'm cookin' is as good of a sleeper that I was, and still am.


  1. You were by FAR my best sleeper baby...except for that one night you climbed out and bashed open your head! Since I too can sleep pretty much at the drop of a hat, I think there is a good chance your darling child will be one of "Us!" (How did Frank sleep as a baby/toddler??} love ya, love ya, love ya! Mom

  2. Annie, I love your blog! It keeps a smile on my face all the time! Would loveto "contribute" to your maternity clothing needs! Send me size, or description of item, or can I just send you some $$$! I made many of my clothes but I wasn't working full time as you are. Love you heaps, and Frank, too! Nana