Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I'm waiting for:

1. The anti-bark collar we ordered for Hamilton. It sprays citronella at his face when he barks. This would be mean if he only barked to come inside, go outside, alert us to something, etc, but he doesn't do that. He stands in the back yard and barks at (wait for it.....) NOTHING. So, yeah, he's getting an anti-bark collar.

2. The prong collars we ordered for both hounds. These are the ones that look mean and scary, but in reality are perfectly safe (when used properly) and are a great training tool. The hounds have to learn to walk like gentlemen on their leash if preggo me is going to be able to walk them, not to mention being able to walk them with a baby strapped to my chest/in a stroller.

3. My bumper form I ordered this week. I decided a little while ago that I would be making my own crib bedding, and since I have the bumper fabric picked out all I'm waiting for is the form (stuffing). I still need the complimentary fabric, but that will have to wait.

4. Our 20 week anatomy scan next Friday. We aren't finding out the sex of the baby, but it will be nice to see the little one again!

5. And finally, our first day care tour and interview. I stumbled upon a place pretty close by to our house and we're going to check it out next week. The wait list isn't too long, actually seems to be just about right for our due date and my return to work!

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