Saturday, November 6, 2010

Status Update

WOOOOOOAAAAAAH We're half way there! OOOOOOOOOOH livin' on a prayer!

We had our 20 week scan yesterday and everything looks great! We counted fingers and toes, and even saw the baby's brain (already his/her daddy's boy/girl!). The technician told us that the baby is measuring 1 day ahead of schedule, which works for me.

baby toes!

I am 20 weeks pregnant.
20 weeks until our due date.

I'm starting to feel the baby ( I think ) move around a little. Tends to be when I have a full bladder...though that may be unfair because it seems I always have a full bladder these days.

They didn't weigh me so I don't know if I've gained any more.

And the fun pregnancy activity of the week is......wait for it......teenage style breakouts on my face! Yay! Combine that with my awesome head cold and therefore super dry nose (due to all of nose blowing) and I'm your every day 14 year old boy! My face is oily, dry, broken out, and red all at once - awesome! It will pass, it will pass, it will pass.


  1. Yes darling, this too will pass. Ah, the joy of counting our grandchild's fingers and toes! Ps. 139 comes more and more to mind. Many, many folks are asking about you and sending their love and prayers your way. Us too, of course! xoxo Nana Boo and ?