Saturday, January 8, 2011

Status Update

Not the most flattering shot, but it was worth a laugh. Earlier this week I was told that when standing facing forward, one could forget that I am pregnant (granted, I was wearing a hoodie at the time)

But then I would turn to walk away and POW, there it is!

I'm 29 weeks pregnant, 11 weeks until our due date.

We've decided that we're staying put in our house until the end of our original lease, so we'll be here for about a month with the new kid. We've started to clean the house, part in preparation for the realtor's showings and part in preparation for our own packing ordeal and eventual move. The second bedroom will be our guest room/nursery for a month so I have started the process of getting that ready. So far, the walls have been primed, the bookshelves emptied and moved, and I've come to the (slightly painful) realization that I will not be the one doing the painting. My husband has been called in from the bullpen to put the (boring) paint on the walls so that I can then get the room ready for guests, and ultimately, baby Webb.

It has been nice to come to a decision about our living situation, though we will have to start looking for a new place in March. It is nice to know what our timeline is, and it is even nicer to have something to direct all of this cleaning energy toward! While all of the other moms-to-be are setting up their nurseries, I'm cleaning out the basement and purging our unused and underused belongings - lucky for me, I love that kind of stuff!

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