Thursday, January 20, 2011

Status Update

30 weeks, 4 days - anywhere from 8-11 weeks to go!

Can you tell that I didn't really want to take this picture? Cause I didn't!

I am no longer sleeping for more than 5-6 hours a night. The good news is that Rutledge is doing a better job of sleeping through the night! And even when he does wake up at 5:15, I am usually already awake.

I have an appointment this afternoon, so I'll update any relevant info this evening.

Happy Thursday!

So, after listing my various symptoms my doctor wanted us to hang out and have a sonogram to make sure I wasn't experiencing pre-term labor. I'M NOT. But it still made the afternoon a bit more 'exciting' than we had anticipated!

It seems that the soreness and menstrual-like cramps I've been experiencing are just over-exertion and braxton-hicks contractions, not PTL. I'm glad that we confirmed that, and now I'll try harder to walk slower so that the soreness will go away.

As for weight gain, I'm up another handful of pounds but I'm still within the 'average' range for a healthy pre-pregnancy weight person. AND the baby's tummy is measuring at 32 weeks, which is 2 weeks ahead so I'm going to go ahead and blame at least one full pound on the baby. So there.


  1. you look wonderful, my child, simply beautiful! Gotta love those Braxton Hicks! Love you and grateful no early labor!! Keep us posted, please. xoxoxo

  2. You look absolutely stunning! As soon as I get over this nasty cough, I am dying to come visit with you and Frank!