Thursday, February 18, 2010


1. My eyes are super-duper dry. It feels like someone keeps dropping sand in them. I actually used ClearEyes last night and again this morning. I may buy some for the office while I'm out for lunch today. The thought of contacts is painful.

2. I'm getting a massage tomorrow night after work. My friend Ali and I have been talking about doing this for months and we finally booked it. I'm super psyched because I can feel the knots in my back even when I don't move. It is way past time.

3. Law Prom is this weekend. It is our last one, I don't have a dress, and I need a haircut. I went shopping the other evening and didn't find one dress that I couldn't live without, I barely found a dress that was 'ok'. I decided to come home empty-handed and just shop in my own closet. This can be tricky as my weight seems to fluxuate somewhat wildly and there have been times in my life when nothing in my closet fit me...I'm hoping that I'm my normal size right now, otherwise I'll have to go buy that pretty-but-not-super-impressive dress that I tried on at Dress Barn (moo).

4. The Olympics are ranking at about a 5 for me right now. There are a few atheletes that I find interesting, but there certainly aren't any Michael Phelps. I have yet to sit down with the intention of watching the Olympics, but I have found myself watching them by accident about 5 or 6 times. The weather is pretty icky for Canada, perhaps they should have talked to China about seeding the clouds and what not before the games. Maybe things will get more interesting later...or maybe not.

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