Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Nights

Wednesday nights are for small group. I love, love, loooove our small group. It is such a cool and random group of couples, we're all so different! And we eat dinner together each week before diving into our study. Tonight the theme is Asian.

Frank and I are bringing drinks/plates/cups/napkins. Usually Frank would see this theme as a challenge and would whip out the Wok and make something super awesome - but we can't find our stove under the mountain of stuff yet, so we're on paper product duty.

We've been with our small group for a long long time now, they are like our little family. I'm so grateful for those relationships and the trust we all have in one another. They are such a blessing to us, and I hope we are a blessing to them, too.

Two of our small group couples are the ones that swooped in and helped us unpack on Sunday evening - that is the kind of friends that they are. On a snowy, cold, Sunday night they came into our mess with smiles and open arms ready to help us get settled. You can't ask for anything better than that.

What a special bond a small group provides, something I never really understood until we became part of it.

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