Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm Excited About: OBX Edition

We're off to the beach! In fact, we're already en route by the time this posts.

We've loaded up the cars with people, luggage, beach chairs, coolers, and a hound dog and headed south to the Outer Banks. It should take us about 5 hours to get there, so we're hoping to be there by lunch time.

There are 16 people on this trip, luckily Tina found us an enormous house with enough beds and bedrooms for all. It has two kitchens, too! This may prove helpful after the main grocery run.

Frank's bocce set will make the trip, too. I'm hoping to have at least one day where I head down to the sand in the morning and only come back in time for dinner. I already bought the newest Pat Conroy book to devour while my feet are in the surf!

I'm looking forward to our 4 day weekend - no work, no chores, just sun, sand, and sea. Hopefully my hound will handle the sand a little better this time....last time he ended up eating half of the beach because he is short and his tongue hangs out when he is hot. He may spend most of his time at the house, but he'll be worn out just from the excitement of it all anyway!

I hope your holiday weekend is fun and relaxing!

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  1. SO happy you two are on a real vacation! Hoping you have Excellent weather and that Hamilton adjusts to sand this time! Dad and Ping on their way here for our long weekend. Nana is feeling great and we should have a lovely time...though a tad quieter than yours. Your dad is very excited to think of walking on the we do that first thing. They will arrive around 1 I think. We'll be thinking of you and looking forward to the day when both Webbs can join us at IP 2!! xoxoxo