Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for my enormous belly and for women on the Metro bus.
It seems that in the last week I became large enough that people feel safe assuming that I am pregnant. This is an excellent development, especially since I am still on partial rest and I'm pretty sure that balancing on the bus is on my list of 'don'ts'.

The one thing that does bug me is that in the 5 or so times that someone has given up their seat for me, no man has ever been the one to volunteer. I understand that we aren't in the south, but come on! Surely there are at least a few gentlemen that take the bus...right?

Anyway, thank you to the women who allow me to sit on over-crowded buses and to Baby Webb for being big enough to notice, even under a winter coat!


  1. Word girlfriend. I only ever got seats on the Metro from women. Men always diverted their eyes. Terrible state of the union.

  2. Harumph. I am thankful for the women too. God bless them and of course God bless you and Baby Webb. I pray before delivery, you meet at least one fine gentleman who will offer you their seat. I know your Frank and Whit would...there must be some like that on the bus. Shame on the others and good thing your um, sometimes outspoken mother is not riding the bus with you. Some heads would be (lovingly) knocked together, I can tell. xoxo