Monday, September 14, 2009

Different Things

Recently I've been noticing differences between my life here and my life back in South Carolina. I think that I've been here long enough that these things are no longer new, they are the norm for me but for some reason they are standing out.

Going to church involves 2 highways and a parkway and two counties - in SC it was 4 turns on 5 streets (5 turns if you count coming out of the driveway)

I cross a river and a state line every time I go to work or come home - in SC I left the county to go to the beach or college

Taking a bus is a viable transportation option - I don't even know if Spartanburg has buses

I don't know my friends' parents - I call my parents' friends by their first names

I listen to my iPod constantly in public to avoid strangers - I ran into people I know constantly in public

Last week I signed into a building for class right behind Karl Rove - That would have rocked my world 5 years ago

There were more things, but I can't remember them now...

I think it is interesting that I have things I love about each place, and things I would change at the same time. I guess I'm lucky that I like where I come from and I like where I am.

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  1. Enjoyed this. Karl Rove, huh? That pretty much rocks MY world! BTW, one thing the same about both places: you have people who love you there!
    As ever, Mom