Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I hope my teacher likes me

He assigned us a 1,000 word paper, due tomorrow in class. I won't be there due to a work commitment, but I've finally decided my angle for the paper - and I hope my professor is in a good mood when he grades mine.

The assignment: Considering the health care debate, identify some of these organized interests for each or perhaps both parties. Which in your view, are particularly relevant and influential?

My answer: Due to the overwhelming complexities of healthcare and the total lack of organization with regards to the legislation, there is an absence of relevant and influential organizations in the debate. There are formerly relevant organizations, like the AMA that are losing influence as they lose members, and there are new organizations, like Sermo that are only beginning to function politically and have not yet earned policy clout, but neither type of organization that has the leadership, support, or experience to aptly steer healthcare reform.

That is the gist of how my paper will read. I'm hoping I'm the only one to tackle the topic this way, and I'm crossing my fingers that my professor will recognize my genius hidden away in the run on sentences.

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