Thursday, September 3, 2009

My most recent misadventure

I had class both last night and tonight and both are scheduled to meet at the Hall of States on Capitol Hill. I got an email on Wednesday that class would not be held at the Hall of States, it would be held on GWU's campus (many many many blocks away from Capitol Hill). So on Wednesday I headed to campus and trudged all the way across campus - getting twin blisters from my fantastic shoes - only to arrive at the classroom five minutes before class....and it was completely empty.

At this point I mumbled something under my breath and headed down to the lobby to catch a cab back to the Hill. 15 minutes and $12 later I arrived at the Hall of States, signed in with security and went upstairs to join my classmates. The only good thing that happened was that two others arrived even later than me.

On Thursday (today), I again headed to GWU's campus because if the email telling me class had been moved had not been referring to my Wednesday class it must have been referring to my Thursday class......WRONG. I walked into a class room with matrices (multiple matrix) on the board and no less than 25 students of asian decent - aka, I walked into an advanced math class. Awesome.

20 minutes and $10 dollars later (I walked further tonight than last night before hailing a cab) I arrived at the Hall of States and joined my classmates. They were still going around the table doing introductions, so I wasn't horribly late - although no one came in after me so I was the only dufus today.

Stuff like that really gets me down - when I'm doing my best to be alert and prepared for a situation, and it just blows up in my face. At least now I know that my classes will be at the Hall of States, and I'll email whomever sent me that note to be sure I'm taken off of that class' list.

The one funny thing that came from this - you know how on college campuses you can tell who the freshman are during the first couple weeks because they are too dressed up? Well, at GWU you can tell who the freshmen are because the aren't dressed up enough! It is strange, but it is true and it made me smile on my way to the class that wasn't there.

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  1. Sorry for your blisters, but it is a good story! Like one of those nightmares where you dream you are back in high school and have a math test you haven't studied for. (Those NEVER stop, by the way!) Hope the class contents both nights make up for the bumpy start. love ya.