Thursday, September 10, 2009


The NFL opens tonight with the Titans @ Steelers! I strongly dislike (read: hate) the Steelers, but the Titans are always a major foe for the Colts, so I'm not pulling for anyone but I'll enjoy the return of football anyway.

Tonight is also the beginning of fantasy football. I am the commissioner of an all-girls league for the third year running! We're called "Just Us Girls" or "JUGs" for short. This year we have 12 teams, up from 10 last year. It is a good time, and really makes watching all of the games over the weekend more fun since there is usually at least one player involved in your fantasy match up playing in each game. I start my season against Tina's team (No Punt Intended) which will be fun since we usually watch most of the games together at Clarendon Grill.

With college football underway and NFL starting tonight, cold weather is just around the corner. It is already chilly here, but I'm hoping we'll get a few more summer days before plunging into the dark, damp, cold that is DC fall/winter. I think football is what gets me through those days - something to look forward to, and when it is over in February the winter is almost over, too.

But, don't let me get ahead of myself - football starts tonight and I can't wait! And I promise to only check the score during the break in class tonight...and then rush home for the second half

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