Sunday, September 27, 2009

On Twitter it is "Follow Friday"

but for me it will be "Follow Sunday." I got started blogging because I found so many great blogs that I enjoy reading. Here are a few that got me going:

Sports: I guess the first thing I read that was blog-like is Bill Simmons' column on Page 2 of He is entertaining and often does 'mail bags' but I've mostly moved on to his podcasts because I can listen to them on the metro

Adoption: The Whites started a blog when they began the process of adoption from China and they are now blogging the process of their SECOND adoption from China and while we all wait for their 3rd daughter to come home, they post updates on their three adorable kids! Their blog started my adventure into other adoption blogs - I read a few blogs about families who have or are in the process of adopting children from China and Africa. Something about these families coming together is fascinating to me.

Cooking: I don't cook, but that doesn't stop me from reading about it! My friend Megan blogs about cooking and she is also responsible for introducing me to The Pioneer Woman. That blog is an entire universe in itself - and she has a basset hound, so that keeps me coming back! PW has a cookbook coming out soon and I promised Frank that I would learn to cook out of it if he bought it for me.

Friends: Tina has a blog about life and a blog about crafts. Her blog is where I occasionally guest-blogged before starting my own. It also makes me want to read more books and do more craftsy things...but that rarely happens.
Lydia has a blog about dogs and that girl does her research! She is a great go-to for dog health, food, toys, etc. We recently bought Hamilton some new toys based on Lydia's post on puzzle toys and they have been a huge hit!
Theodora is "Losing Weight in the City" and has lost 43 pounds to date! Watching her journey has been inspiring (and a bit shaming). The girl up and moved to NYC - the city of overindulgence - and has completely changed her lifestyle. I think she should change her blog to "Losing Weight with Guacamole" :)

My Favorite: There is a family in West Dallas, TX and they have absolutely captured my attention. I don't know how to describe them other than Godly and amazing - the blog is called "A Long Way from the Theta House"- go ahead and read it, I dare you to not be hooked.

I keep hoping that some kind of pattern will appear in my blogging so that I can have some kind of far I have a lot of travel, a spouse in law-school, and sports. We'll see if anything comes of it, or it continues to be a "what are the Webbs up to" kind of blog.

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