Monday, September 7, 2009

Two Puppies

This weekend we puppy-sat for some friends of ours. Their puppy, Fuego isn't old enough to be boarded with other dogs, so we volunteered to keep him. Fuego was a hilarious little guy and he and Hamilton got along so well that it made us want to get him a full time friend! We didn't, and we won't for a while yet - but it was so encouraging to see how well H plays with younger dogs. H out-weighs Fuego by more than 40lbs, but he would fall on his back and feign defeat while Fuego hopped all over him.

That is the cute little guy on H's bed. H didn't mind him being on there one bit - and they shared toys well, too.

They played a lot, this is my favorite picture of them

Hamilton is not screaming in pain, he was about to swing around and knock Fuego over with his big head - but I like the David v Goliath image that this picture portrays.

A lot of the weekend was spent like this

on the kitchen floor...

in the car...

and, Fuego's favorite spot, under the bench...

and now it is 9pm on Monday night and I'm going to bed because these two wore me out.

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  1. So cute! Watch out, you'll have a second dog before you know it! My mission in life (at least right now) is to get a puppy! Dogs are so addictive, especially when you see your dog gets along so well with one you are dog sitting.